Wake for Morning etc.

Oh come Oh come and fill the cup
with two fingers of Canadian Club
But I wouldn't let you go without a fight
I had two fingers for you alright

With some bourbon and a book of verse
With a long dead drunk there to converse
Gushing forth with prodigies of thought
And love that in the morning are forgot

"Wake! for morning in the bowl of night
Has cast the arrow which has put the stars to flight
And lo! The hunter in the East has caught
The Sultans turret in a noose of light."

Old Khayyam like you fought 'till the end
To praise the virtues of his bosom friend
The daughter of the vine for whom he bled
Your still awake and we've all gone to bed

A loaf of bread, a jug of wine
a crappy job, a son who whines
a stack of bills, a wife who cries
this much is true, the rest is lies

A jug of wine, a loaf of bread
"To hell with all of you!" you said
Out of the chair after several tries
The rose once bloom'd forever dies

And now beneath the leathery madrone
A river that I sit beside alone
The ancient poet and his fluid word
You thought I wasn't listening, but I heard

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