Leaving Port Townsend

Now that you're gone, are you going to haunt me?
Walk into my dreams? Or are you going to guide me
Home through the forest, with someone to drive me
Everything shattered, all of my stories

About who we are and what we're doing
And what we think and what that means
In this direction the ferry is free
Lucky me.

Seattle Airporter, you pay as you get off
No change for my 20, and the driver just waves me on
Curbside check-in, no checked baggage

It's like going downhill this coming home
Borne on silver wings and talking to no-one.

I've got a notebook and a pen
I'll write it down all over again
Over Shasta and Mt. Lassen
Where are you now? Where were you then?
It should have meant something, the sight of you dying
We shouldn't be groping, we shouldn't be lying

about who we are and what we're doing
and what we think and why it matters
we all stood there, we watched you change
and we are still the same.

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