In the Shaky Grass

I go to places that you never go
What does that say about me?
What does that say about you?
Been standing in the street to watch the sky
I think of things every minute that might not occur to you probably
Been cherishing things that you walk by
'Cos I'm a cherisher

I know a place by the ocean where the shaky grass grows
You've never been there
The wind makes it billow as I lie
Gonna sit and lay in the sun
Wait for the people to come
Wait for the people to come and say:

"We realize now that if you were annoying
I was because you were lonely and socially awkward
You have so much to share and it was hard to bear
And we didn't have time for it
But now we're coming to where you are
We missed your being around and wondered how you were doing.
And we will stay with you 'til we hear what you hear
In the shaky grass

"May we join you in your grassy place?
We brought a thermos of soup and some fruit and some crackers
Is this the place you meant at which we now consent
To sit and do nothing?
We see now what we failed to see before that
For you to be outside there has to be a door we can come through
It wasn't difficult for us to come to you
So that's what we decided to do."

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