Psalm of the Road

Oh where oh where are you in my time of need?
My engines seized, the seeds of weeds
Are germinating in my seams
I'm calling and I can't get through
Tell me where the hell are you?

'Cos I know that you can track me
And you know where I am
They said that you would be there for me in a jamb
You know my slowing down
And my speeding up
And when to pull me up out of the miry muck.

How long How long?
I've finished War and Peace
And my paddle ball is broken
And my enemies fly by me
Flipping me off as they go
The policy, the warranty said
You would not be so slow!

For they say: "Look at that dork there on the road!
Sucks to be you way out here.
Beneath the blazing sun, looking through the manual."
Or else they do not turn to look
Turn to look at all.

Would you would smite them on your way
Make speed to save me
Make speed to save the day
To put a brand new ring into my phone.
I look up to the hills from whence you'll come.

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