Phillip Larkin

Phillip Larkin, articulate
English post-war sophisticate
Perfect form and biting bit
How could I possibly aspire to it?
Lines of symmetry and grace
In comparison I'm all over the place
How can I possibly aspire to it?
He's been to Oxford, he knows his shit!

Phillip Larkin: All this might be
Still, a sad git living in a library
Elegance to hide the misery
A poet for the depressed and tipsy
If your world is grey and not replete
With color then vision's incomplete
Mastery of craft cannot disguise
That you wouldn't know love
If it blacked your eyes!

Phillip Larkin, like the rest of us
Laboring under wrongheaded delusions
Living life and trying not to drown
Seeing things and trying to write them down
Though I don't like what you did to me
I can see now, I can see!
Sharing coffee and a slice of pie
I am certain, in the by and by.

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