Crying on the Pillows

Last night you drank your fill of beauty and transcendence
Today the well is dry
Your mind the soft-toy-grabbing claw that falls and falls
And it's a good day to die
Followed by another night to cry

The subway trains of joy they come and go and never stay
It's always worth another try
And all the lovers you've consumed they're far away
I wanted to be you, even when I heard you

Cry on the Pillows

Now the night is pressing all around
Bloodshot eyes are scrolling down
scrolling down
scrolling down
Looking for a plausibility
Before vengeance climbs out of the well
And comes for me
comes for me
comes for me

I wanted everything that you had
I was living my own lie
And I could never do what you did so well
Bang every door and ring every bell
'Till all you could hear was the bells
the bells, the bells

Crying on the pillows

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