Medical Choppers

Today I make a plan
To not degrade my mind with the cruelties of man
but then I can't defend my brain from all the fear and pain
Madness that I can't explain
And when I think that everything is really bad
I look up to the hospital helipad

Wrong is everywhere
I want to be someone who cares
and there are evil men who
badly need to know just what I think of them
I roll up the windows and pretend
I'm giving speeches at the UN
When the thudding blades cut through my icy heart again

Medical Choppers are always something we can get behind.

Cutting throughout the smoggy skies with stem cells, anti-retrovirals
Can we find a thing amiss with this or is it too simplistic
To put our trust in that which comes with a kidney
When you really need one?

I hope we all agree
That down the tunnel of bitterness there is no cheese for you and me
If we become the things we see we need to choose to see that
In this city, every day, red helicopters make their way
With Ice chests full of love and mercy

Medical Choppers are always something we can get behind.

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