Sometimes I think that we're all in aftercare
Pouring glue in each others hair
But we've got to put you somewhere.

No one can come to get you yet
They have to work themselves
That's why you're sitting here
Between somewhere and somewhere else
And if you're lucky you won't
Be the last one to go
Cold lunches left for you on the kitchen table.

Your basic needs are seen to
You aren't gonna starve
you're eating crackers, carrots
Drinking water from the fountain
You get to use the bathroom
And if you can't sit down
Someone outside will watch you as you
Run around and around and around

Slowly strangling the hours
Until the car rolls in
ID presented signing as the legal guardian
Someone who's had a shitty day will take your hand
And lead you out the door
Into the setting sun

Sometimes I think that we're all in aftercare
Which is not to say that people don't care
But we've got to put you somewhere.

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